The magic of Lapland in the heart of Helsinki

At the Lappish restaurant Saaga you will find a slice of the rugged nature and magic atmosphere of Lapland. We also bring the enchantment of Lapland to our guests in our service, interior decor and table settings, as well is in our food. The interior decor has the touch of Lappish artists and artisans. Dishes served on wooden platters, in kuksa wooden mugs, cast iron pots and ice provide a feast for the eye, as well as for the tongue.

Genuine northern flavours at their best

The pristine environment of the North creates an excellent place for wildlife and flora to flourish, so we use only pure Lappish and Finnish natural products whenever we can. We co-operate with several small producers to guarantee the good quality and specialized ingredients. The menu offers northern delicacies like reindeer, bear, Arctic char, Lappish cheese and mushrooms as well as cloudberries and cranberries.

Welcome to experience the enchantment of Lapland - Buresboahtin!

Laura Viitikko            
Restaurant Manager     

Restaurant Saaga

Bulevardi 34, 00120 Helsinki
Tel. +358 9 7425 5544


The birth of Saaga

From Lapland in the far north came a whisper on the wind,
dancing with the northern lights to the echo of shaman drums,
waltzing through ancient forests, over middle marshes, sunbeams
picked out the golden cloudberry.
This whisper on the wind came south, bringing with it a myth,
a taste of age-old knowledge and tradition.
The whisper circled, searching for somewhere worthy of its message.
On the Bulevardi it spied that hearth,
a home of good cooking and more - a kindered spirit.
This was where the whisper knew it would be heard loudest.
A chef heard that whisper and so to his dishes he added
a dash of Lappish charm and more than a pinch of Lappish taste.
Thus was a new story born – the Lappish Restaurant Saaga.