Stories about Lapland and own Kuksa mug as a memory of the dinner at Saaga

At the Lappish restaurant Saaga you will find a slice of the rugged nature and magic atmosphere of Lapland. We also bring the enchantment of Lapland to our guests in our service, interior decor and table settings, as well is in our food. The interior decor has the touch of Lappish artists and artisans. One of the best known household articles of Lapland is according to old tradition hand carved wooden drinking cup called “kuksa”.

From the Saaga Restaurant you can by your own either schnapps size or coffee cup size kuksa mug and you can initiate them in a Lappish style During the programme you will hear stories about Lapland, the history of the kuksa mug and how to use it

Initiating the Kuksa Mug wiht coffee cup size kuksa 38,50 €/person
Initiating the Kuksa Mug wiht schappssize kuksa 29,00 €/person
including: programme, kuksa mug, the drink for tilting and spinning the kuksa, diploma

For an extra charge:
4 €/kuksa for engraving the kuksa with name and date

Lappish souveniers:
Strength-giving charm for women 12 €
Powder of reindeer antler for men 9 €