Experiences from the heart

The goal of A&S Restaurants is to make every restaurant visit unforgettable for our clients. The reputation as the leading experience restaurant family is a reward of long work. Good service is essential for a successful visit but we want to offer more for our clients.

Unique entirety

A&S Experience starts with a themed story, which is seen, heard, felt, tasted and smelled throughout the visit. The decor of restaurants give a feeling of real experience. Our dishes are made from pure ingredients from start to the end and we have different ways to serve the dishes in each restaurants. Also drinks are served in ways you perhaps cannot even imagine. Also clothes of personnel are part of the theme. We often get feedback from our clients that they have felt like they've been in another world, not in the heart of Helsinki.

Real and personal service

Thought of experience is mighty. In practice it means that you do several small but important things at the right place at the right time. We pursue to give a little more than expected for our clients. The personnel is in key position when making experiences. We have several surprise tools to help the staff but the most important of them is heart. Our smile guarantee ensures that our customers always get naturally friendly service. Unique restaurant experience comes from exceeding the expectations.

Welcome to our experience restaurants!

Marko Huttunen
Director of service and experiences
A&S Restaurants




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Behind an unforgettable experience there is a lot of work. Marko "Poolo" Huttunen is responsible of the coordination and development of A&S Experiences and his work as Director of Experiences is unique in the restaurant business in Finland.