Finnish logging site nostalgy

Savotta's Logging Site Evening

Restaurant Savotta’s  interior decoration and dishes have been inspired by the Finnish forests and thousands of lakes, with a dash of Finnish “sisu” and logging traditions. The hundred-year-old floorboards, the chairs and tables and many old artefacts have been brought from all over Finland.

The joyful logging site evening in the heart of Helsinki begins with allotting the seats at the table using a pack of cards. Menu cards guide you to the Finnish delicacies which will be served during the evening and while waiting for the starter selection you will enjoy of a refreshing aperitif based on Finnish “Moonshine”. Between courses it’s time to have a small competition for the chosen ones from each table while others cheer for their own favourites. You also have an opportunity to taste an unique schnapps which is not available anywhere else.

Menu for the Logging Site Evening

Drunken Log-aperitif & rye bread button with smoked vendace

Supreme Savotta - appetizer selection
An assortment of Finnish appetizer delicacies
* * * *
Lumberjack’s reindeer provisions
Roasted reindeer sirloin, organic turnip and cranberry sauce
* * * *
Finnish style French toast
Served with traditional ice cream and strawberry compote flavored with moonshine

Logging Site Evening-package 79,00 €/person including:
- Menu and aperitif (see above)
- Drawing the seats with playing cards and playful competition
- Menu cards in English
- Savotan Sisu-schnapps between the courses

Special diets upon request.
Recommended group size 8-50 persons.
For an extra charge: Live music played by an accordionist, 550,00 incl. VAT.

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