Getting to know tar

The Tar Ceremony at Savu

The taste and scent of the black gold of the old days

At Restaurant Savu you will enjoy food and beverages seasoned with smoke or pine tar aromas. The history of the Tervasaari Storehouse, built in 1805 as a tar storehouse, is being brought back to life in the Tar Ceremony at Restaurant Savu. Pine tar is a real all-purpose substance. In the olden days it was used for protecting boats and buildings, scenting soap, healing wounds, conditioning the skin, and a lot more. Edible pine tar products are used for flavouring food and spirits and you can enjoy pine tar flavoured food and beverages at Savu. An old Finnish proverb also states that if sauna, vodka and tar won't help, the disease is fatal. Learn more from tar here >>

The Tar Initiation Ceremony is led by Savu’s Tar Master, who advices the guests to wash their hands with tar soap. Guests will get a pine tar tray and Tar Master tells stories of how tar was produced and used. By tasting and smelling the selection on the tray, you can get to know the black gold of times gone by.

The price for Tar Initiation Ceremony is 12,00 €/person
including above  mentioned program and the tar tray, which includes a tar schnapps, a small savory delicacy seasoned with tar syrup, a piece of tar string and tar candies.

* Tar Initiation Ceremony is available only if pre-ordered in advance
* Available only for lunch, meeting and dinner groups
* Suggested group size 8-30 persons.
    For bigger groups specified program and duration.
* Duration about 20 minutes.
* Languages Finnish or English

Savu's Tar Gift - a unique giveaway gift
A nice memento of the Tar Ceremony is a beautifully packaged gift: a washing glove and tar soap. The washing glove is high-quality Finnish handiwork by Jokipii.
The price of Savu’s Tar Gift is 17,00 €/package
Other tar products as tar soap, tar shampoo and tar syrup are available at Savu for an extra charge.