Russian stories

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Wine and Dine like Catherine the Great

Empress Catherine the Great was famous for hosting the magnificent parties. She loved to celebrate and according to her a genuine Russian festive atmosphere springs up when the cooks carry their best delicacies to the table, the tastiest drinks are poured into glasses, a cheerful party sits down at the table, and the troubadours play their melancholy music.

Catherine loved French wines so the obvious choice for the aperitif is naturally champagne. To amaze everyone the bottle can be opened cavalry way with a sword! As it was not unusual for Catherine to arrange dinners with 15 courses, will we at Saslik of course serve also luxurious and plentiful menu including our best classic dishes.

MENU A LA CATHERINE 84 €/person including
a glass of champagne and three course menu introduced below:

Plentiful assortment of Russian appetizers
Flambéed "Iwan's Sword"
Flambéed skewer of beef, lamb and bacon, garlic potatoes and tomato sauce

Served on a hot grill with braised sauerkraut and red cabbage, pickled small onions, Georgian style marinated and peppered onion, braised garlic, pickled cucumber, cranberries and parsley.
Baked Alaska
Delicious ice cream treat topped with meringue (a classic dessert since 1972)

To impress your guests, reserve "Catherine the Great" for your hostess:

The Catherine Great party is the right choice when you want to arrange an unforgettable party. With pre-order we can arrange a talented Russian singer to perform for your party dressed as Catherine the Great. She will entertain her guests during dinner with songs and colourful stories and is accompanied by her fifth lover “Grigori Potjomkin”.
For the programm we will arrange, depending of the group size, either one of our seven private rooms or either one of our dining rooms for you exclusively and set menu cards to the tables. Catherine's performance can be reserved in English, in Russian or in Finnish.

Supplement for the Singer ”Catherine the Great” & accompanist/s
350,00 € /group size under 40 persons (singer & accompanist)
500,00 € /group size over 40 persons (singer & 2 accompanists) 

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Troubadours at Restaurant Saslik

Russian evergreens and delightful songs are an important part of the Russian style evening. Saslik has offered live Russian troubadour music during its almost entire history. Musicians perform from Wednesday to Saturday evening starting at 20.00 hrs both in dining rooms as well as in every private room. During 25.11.-21.12.2013 you have the opportunity to enjoy of talented music performances every evening.

By extra charge we can order the troubadours to perform also during other times. The private troubadours will offer an unforgettable experience for any kind of occasion, whether it will be a meeting, lunch or a family party. Also if you would like to hear some more music during dinner it is possible to reserve private troubadours just for your party. The price depends on the repertoir.

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